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13 Moons - We have no time to waste, we are the revolutionaries who will lead this consciousness movement to rise up to meet these challenging times. If you are ready to become your true authentic self, join us. This will be the group that leads the way forward, the new world, the new way we all know is possible. 

Guru Singh brings his 50+ years of spiritual practice to the 13 Moons, with live q and a, classes each week and exclusive meditations created just for the community. This is the culmination of his career and he is bringing it all here to help fuel the future leaders on a path to an inner revolution. 

THE TOOLS TO SUPPORT YOUR INNER REVOLUTION: The science of sound, breathwork practices, guided and kundalini-inspired meditation, yoga krya practices and wisdom talks on the exploration of the omniverse inside and out. 

This is a time in life to be guided and united in a collaborative manner. You can count on the 13 Moons as your support backbone and a safe space to unlock your purpose.

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